Saturday, June 04, 2005

My first week in Pune

It's been more than a week since I last wrote. So this blog is long overdue...

I've shifted to Pune and so far it has been WONDERFUL. The climate is much cooler here than in Bombay and the guys and gals at the office are an amazing lot.

I've also joined a library. At least now I can spend my idle time reading some great/not-so-great works.

I've got another grand plan for my weekends in Pune; though that might just take some time to materialize. I'll tell you about it when something concrete happens. So.. keep guessing ;)

I went to Bombay for my exam on Thursday. The trip went well, the exam...hmm

Officially I've got a week before I'm thrown out of the company's guesthouse. So, anyone having a cheap and nice and cheap and comfortable and cheap place to stay please get in touch with me. I've got a few places that I will be looking at on Sunday. Hope something satisfactory turns out.

In case you are wondering how come I'm writing this on a Saturday, then the reason is simple. I'm working this Saturday. Better wipe that the grin off your face because Monday is my comp off!! Yippee, So no worries!!

Next week I plan to write earlier. So keep checking it out.