Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Politics is much better than Kyunki...

I don't usually talk about politics, but this one definitely deserves mention...

These past few days, I was sure that the NDA would come to power in Bihar. Especially they were slowly garnering majority. But the UPA has managed to grab victory of sorts by dissolving the house. Exciting, huh? It seems a lot better than most of Ekta's productions.

I'm however anxiously waiting to find out what the NDA's going to do about it. I don't think they can reverse the decision. They will just have to wait till the assembly elections in October. Meanwhile, knowing the NDA's "fighting" spirit, I'm sure they will create a lot of unrest.

Another point to note in this entire fiasco is Laloo...
Now, I'm not particularly fond of the Laloo. As a matter of fact, I think that Laloo would make a much (x1000) better entertainer than a public servant. But you must hand credit where it's due, when it comes to cunning politics, this guy is a wicked genius! Alas.

Ok. Now for some tech talk.
I've managed to write an HTML page using XML and XSL. And the result is fabulous!! The exercise has been so successful and simple that I plan to write all my data pages in this format from now onwards. XML is truly different!!

GNUtella is my next point of focus. I'll let you people know how that turns out to be...

I'm sure most people don't know this :), but I stay in Mumbai (originally Bombay). I'll however be shifting to Pune next week and I'm hoping that this transition turns out nicely. I've never been to Pune before, so the place is as new to me as ecstasy is to a virgin. ;)

Also, on a side-note, I can't wait to live 15 minutes away from office ;)



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